Thursday, July 1, 2010

Starved Rock :)

A few of us gangstas in Bandanas headed West 
about 45 minutes down the street (i-80)
We didnt know what to expect as we rolled up to our free Villa
(compliments of my bro's gf's father who owns them?)

We were pretty much roughin it......
Full kitchen, two bath
Full jacuzzi and what not
Tough life
(This place was bigger than my house)

The first night we decided to take the cute little trolly down to the indoor amusement park.
We are 20 21 22 22 24 27 yrs old.
We acted like 11 12 13 13 15 7 yrs old
It was like a carnival indoors and we got to go on everything for free
And it was amazing
Until my husband decided to spin like crazy on this Devil ride and I almost threw up.
tmi? sorry

Saturday Morning we were up bright and early to start our hike
12:00 pm
First things first
I stared at myself in Eric's shades.
completely normal

Then we headed out on the trail
Stopping ever 30 seconds if a photo opportunity presented itself

Then I lost my husband 
And I found him on a cliff

I still have no idea how he got up there
I think he has secret powers
Im hoping he's a vampire
But that wouldn't make sense

The Lake was marvelous
I almost jumped in
No, that was a lie

But I jumped in front of the lake
so that counts

After a while we reached our destination....

We had a gorgeous day to hike
oh Lord was it beautiful outside
And muddy

Later that night we hit up the town
We covered the entire thing in 20 seconds tops
He-he It was a cute quaint little town

But all the good shops were closed :(

I was sad until I saw this TeePee
And since I am a pro a TeePees now i figured we should give it a look
See how this thing goes down

It was gigantic 
and it had a bon fire in it
I want one in my backyard...

So we had a pretty sweet weekend.
Time with the Family is always a blast
I love my family and feel so completely blessed to have them ♥

Goodnight ya'll!
(am i allowed to say that if I don't have an accent?)

p.s I am still sleep deprived from my 8 hour Eclipse adventure
Oh Edward ♥ hahah


  1. i am sooo in love with all these photos, i really want to move to illinois and hang out with you!

  2. Hello there! Thank you for the sweet comments about my blog! Yours is lovely too! That mini vaca you took looks so amazing right about now - definitely something I need! I have to wait 3 more months though for my honeymoon, but that will definitely be worth it! : )

    Also, I know we just met, and I hope this isn't too soon, but I love your blog and wanted to give you this little blog award:

  3. Ahh Justine!!! move to IL!! haha but if that's not plausible come for a visit. There is too much fun to be had in the City! And too many cupcake shops waiting to be eaten :)

    Amy you are too sweet! Im glad we met! What are your plans for your honeymoon? My husband and I will have our one year on the 18th and I can't wait for another mini getaway, they are imperative so we don't go crazy with work!

  4. that looks like SO much fun! Great photos!


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