Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cupcake Day :0

Wooaah there kids, I appologize for my absence!....
I've been busy cleaning my house, keeping up on the laundry, cooking dinner for my husband, eating fresh healthy foods, running 3 miles every day, baking casseroles and cookies for the neighbors, and tending my garden.

Thats a lie
I have done nothing of the sort

But I did have cupcake day at work yesterday ;)

It was amazing as always, and you know how I know it was successful?

I walked in the side door to my office at 8am and walked out the same door at 5pm
2 pounds heavier.


Anywho I thought I would share with you some of the lovely cupcakes that did this to me..

Monday night I went home to have a bake night with my mommy :)
[she is amazing]

This is what we made

I came across this picture on flickr and thought they were oh so cute! So we decided to something a bit similar.

We baked yellow cupcakes
Colored a can of vanilla icing with blue food coloring and spread it on
Then we put shredded coconut into a zip lock bag
added some blue food color
[shake shake shake]
Plop that on top of the blue icing
Next we took a large knife and made a slit in the cupcake and shoved in (nicely)
a Famous Amos, lil cutie, Cookie
Next we added a dollop of white icing for the eyes and topped off with a chocolate chip!

And then you are left with the cutest little cupcake in the world. Ahhh I love them!

Next we tried this S'mores recipe my mom got from someone at work. If you think you love this recipe let me know and I will scan it and send it to you. Otherwise It is too long to type and I am just that lazy :)

You start out with gram cracker crumbs at the bottom of your cupcake tin.
Add a layer of chocolate chips
Then add a layer of cake batter
The topping is a meringue so once it is hard enough we globbed it on top of the cupcake until it looked cute.

If you are a pyro like me you will love the next part.
Find a blow torch
The top is supposed to act as the marshmallow so they need to be toasted right?
mmmmm hmmmmmm
Brown those suckers......

So if you think they look beautiful, you should taste them, omg.
Dont tell anyone but I ate two of these yesterday. or three. whatever same thing.

And here are some of my co-workers lovelies.
Who would have thunk that a cupcake could
make an Infectious Disease office look so beautiful. lol

Red Velvet
Angel Food cake, Raspberry, and german chocalate, and yellow cupcakes.

My lovelies
I made some pretty cupcake garland so it would feel like cupcake heaven.
It still felt like work
But it was pretty anyway
I look like a 12 year old who needs a nap
[I was up late baking, leave me alone]

Happy Cupcakes Lovelies!!!!!!!!!!



  1. look at all those beautiful cupcakes! its like I died and went to heaven...can you tell I love cupcakes? :o)

  2. This was so funny.
    when I read the first part I was like Dang.. I wish I could get all of that done, then you said it was a joke and I was laughing. :)

  3. Haha I wish!! I don't have time for all that nonsense when there is so much crafting to be done! ha-ha.


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