Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another early morning....

So I've been up since 3 am so far with a sick puppy :( He's been throwing up all morning, I hope its not serious. Im going to ask my sister to take him to the vet today, i can't miss work.

On a lighter note.... I was bored last night and feeling crafty. I have been wanting to do something to our bedroom for some time now but I never get around too it. Then I was inspired by this post and decided to make some pretty garland.

But this wont be all...I have some super fun ideas for this room. It is the one place that is just for my husband and I. We both decided before we were married that we did not want a TV in our bedroom, and I love it! I really recommend this to any newlyweds. Its a place of solitude and peace and quiet for you to enjoy...just you and your honey :)

I made a sweet mustache pillow as well. It is kind of thrown together but It works for now.

Hopefully I will get the rest done soon!

Before I go.......

[just though you should know]

I want this............real bad..

as in, I would become a DJ just so I could wear them everyday.....I guess I could do that regardless.

Seriously though, how adorable are these?
Hope you have a fun and inspired day!



  1. LOVE that mustache pillow! such a great idea. i wish i could do that no tv thing in our bedroom...but my boyfriend would NEVER go for it. LOL!
    hi, by the way. :)

  2. Well Hello! Thanks for checking out my blog.
    and By the way, I am so in love with the 'Its my party necklace' in your shop. if I didn't just drop 400 at the vet I would so buy it. So Cute!!!

  3. oh my goodness!! you officially have the CUTEST room ever!!! i love the blue walls and the YELLOW MUSTACHE pillow! {and all the other pillows!} and your garland is simply wonderful!

  4. Thanks Chelsea, when I saw your post about your garland I literally jumped up and started on mine. Thanks for the inspiration! Yours looks amazing, it gives any room so much character!

    Happy Belated Bday as well, Hope it was amazing!


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