Friday, March 12, 2010

a quilty day

I called off work today.....oops.

But I have a good explanation...

I have an order for a T-shirt quilt {it was given to me yesterday}

And its due next Sunday!!!!!

I am all booked up this weekend, and during the week is no good because of work.
So there is my excuse, I plan to knock out the quilt top today,
[if I can get motivated!]

I actually really enjoy making them.

This is one I made previously. The mother saved all her daughters T-shirts from her childhood and before she left for college, she had me make this for her. Soo cute.
I wish I would have saved more of mine.

Well I must be getting a move on, I have a coffee date with the Hubbs. Its nice we both have a day off together. But then its back to quilting all night!

P.S I am thinking of doing a giveaway soon. I don't have many followers yet, but I appreciate the few that I do have. So I want to give you something wonderful! I think you will all love what I have in mind. But I will let you know about that later!

Have a beautiful day!!!!!! It is gorgeous here in Chicago! Yay!


I am so in love with this picture....



  1. way to get started on the quilt :) love ya

  2. well when i finally got started my finger got cut off and is still gushing blood. its been over 12 hours. oh well. :)


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