Sunday, March 28, 2010

T-shirt Quilt

So I forgot to post about the quilt I finished for the fundraiser I had last weekend. I had 2 days to make it but it came out great. Although, I realized as I was making it that every time I make a t-shirt quilt I get very frustrated. I am a perfectionist most of the time and if I've learned anything its that a quilt can never be 'perfect'. [at least with me] So anything that it the tiniest bit "off" frustrates me. However, the end result is always rewarding and makes you feel good. :) This one was for a dear friend that lost her son 1 year ago. They have had a fundraiser for him since he was 1 and every year after. This year was the 20th anniversary and they wanted to do something for the special man that makes the fundraiser possible every year. So this quilt had every T-shirt from the 'Tourney for Tommy' on it from the past 20 years, including this year.

I made the quilt into a wall hanging so he can hang it in his office, and since I was told he does not have that much room, I left out the sashing in the middle so it wouldn't be so big. I think it turned out pretty good.
The woman and girl holding the quilt, that is Tommys mom, my great friend Kathy, and her daughter Mora. This fundraiser is amazing, and whats great about it is that after Tommy passed, they decided to keep going on with it and each year they give all the money to a family that needs it. It truely is a blessing. As well as a good time!

Me and Kathy
Everyone having a good time :) husband is hot, just sayin...haha
p.s I am a bargain junkie. That means I like to save money and refuse to pay more than I should for anything! [what I just said was a partial lie] but anyway for the most part. This whole outfit coast me $40 including the shoes! what!!? yes.

I looked for a pair of brown boots for 3 months and refused to buy them until they cost what I wanted them to cost! ha-ha. and then one day, I found them in a corner at forever 21, just hanging out all alone, looking fabulous with the $7.99 price tag.

I quickly ripped them out of the corner, said "sweet" fairly loud and ran to the register.
Now I know they are not the most quality made boots but its not like i run marathons in them. so I was pretty excited and even the cashier was jealous that she didn't see them.

Anyway, I have to cut this short. I begged my Hubbs for a treadmill for the past 5 months, so now every day that I skip using it he give me the, "did I just waste $500 look?" So i should probably get on that.

Have a good night Lovelies!



  1. Hi I saw your comment on happy mail and notice your from Chicago (me too) I've notice there is barely any Illinois blogger gals. I just wanted to say hi. I like your blog too.

  2. love that quilt! its amazing. great boots too! :o)

  3. hey! stopping by from the happy mail intro post :)
    that quilt is great! i've got a stash of old high school tees to be able to make one of those someday. i'm sure he loved it.
    i also think those cookie monster cupcakes are awesome. well done. hope you have a great day!


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