Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patties!!!!

Ahh what a great Holiday............
Green, cabbage & potatoes, and Beer.

We had a little get together last weekend with the fam

My Dad trying to eat my tortillas
This is my Gram, Isn't she adorable?
We have so much fun at our little family get-togethers.

I've realized since we have all grown up,
Its so amazing how relationships with your relatives change.
We are all so much closer now
We can relate to so many more things now that we are all mature.
I think It is awesome.
Family is awesome. :)

I have been realizing this with my parents and siblings lately now too.
We have always been a close family
But as we get older, We get stronger together.
I absolutely love it.

I have 3 siblings.
An older brother and two younger sister.
We are each 2 years apart.
19 21 23 25
I love them.

And as for my parents.
I could not have been more blessed.
[Thank You God for the amazing parents you have given me.]
words can't even do them justice,
Ill leave it at that. :)


So every few months I like to spice things up in my place of employment.
Two years ago I held a national cupcake day and thought I would bring it back this year because Cupcakes are just
Oh So Magical!

I Love doing things like this because It puts a little excitement into the
boring work atmosphere and gives everyone a little cheer!

So yesterday I made these flyers and handed them out.
Some people were mad because of all the weight they still haven't shed from
the previous cupcake day
But most were happy.
It was fun to see everyone discussing what kind they were going to make
Or something new they were going to try.


Never host a "JUNK FOOD DAY" at work
Sounds like a great idea right?


By the end of the day we were all moving around like seals
When you just stuffed your face with

8 cucumber sandwiches
blt dip
5 servings of chili con queso
2 double chocolate brownies [with powdered sugar]
a slice of rainbow cake
3 lemon bars
and nachos?
yes nachos..

Its hard to move.

We were dragging all day, and Im pretty sure we all gained like 2 lbs.

[however, it was so worth it]

Happy Cupcakes Kids!
Can't wait to post pics of our cupcake extravaganza next week!!!!



  1. LOVE cupcake day!!
    and i love your sweet grandmother!!
    how wonderful!!!
    happy st. patricks day!

  2. HOW exciting is that cupcake event. I wish I worked in an office so I could do this!! GAH.


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