Thursday, March 18, 2010

sunshine bonfires and road trips... :)

My husband has an overnight shift at the Firehouse tonight so
there is no one here to make me go to bed :)

So Im just browsing the internet world until my eyes close
[and tomorrow i will fall asleep at my desk]

Im getting super excited because the Hubbs and I have finally decided on 4 mini
vacation/road trips for this year. Yay!!

I just got my time off approved at work today
and if there is still an open Tee-pee for us when I call tomorrow...
well then Kentucky....I will see you in May.

Wigwam Village
Oooooo i can not wait to sleep in a tee pee.
How I have dreamed of this for so long...

So....."Sunshine Bonfires and Road Trips"
Oh Geeezzzz
Im getting goosebumps

Those three words just make my eyes water

Warm summers with the Sun Beaming all day
Dim nights around the Bonfire with friends and Guitars
Road Trips filled with spontaneity and magical treasures of an unfamiliar place you could see calling home.




mmmmmmm I can't wait.

Are you going on any fun adventures or road trips this summer/fall?

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