Monday, March 8, 2010

Freezin for a reason!

Team Smuggled Raisins.............
[if you watch Scrubs you will understand]

So this past Sunday my sister and I joined all the crazy Chicagoans for the annual Polar Plunge. And let me tell you, It was amazing.

Jumping into Lake Michigan {while there is snow on the ground}
But for a good Cause :)
[Chicago Special Olympics]

........What a rush......

This event raised over $325,000

Me and my little sister.
I will do this event every year of my life from here on out.

The shirts I made at 2am before the plunge....oops ;0

And into the freezing lake.
She wanted to stay in, I had to grab her from going under again. Crazy kid

The Mammoth ran down the sand into the lake, and was hunted by a pack of at least 15 cavemen. The funniest thing ive ever seen.


Got to see some things I could have lived without, but I guess it’s a package deal. Lucky me

Over 1,700 people took the plunge this year. I can't wait for next year, I am going all out on a costume, it will be wonderful!

Before I go, here is the sweet mug I made last night....

Does anyone find my mustache obsession strange. I can’t help it, maybe if I could grow one it would settle something onside me. Until then…

Nights :)



  1. thats SUCH a fantastic event!
    and your mustache mug is way too cute. Why yes, I would love one in the mail thanks! ;)

  2. Well I would love to send you one! But lets pretend its a surprise out of nowhere kind of thing. So forget you ever said that and email me your info. mixtapeart[at] And then out of nowhere...bam a sweet surprise in the most sweetest means of object transportation...'snail mail' Yay!


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