Sunday, March 14, 2010

A few things I accidentally fell in love with..

Dear beautiful dress, I love you
Shamfrock Dress
Dear equally beautiful dress, I love you as well
Rainbow Raw Honey Dress
But why must you be so expensive? :)


I will own you soon because you are adorable

This song never gets old.

This is kind of funny but Cute, and yes its real

I need this is my houes
Gummi Bears Chandelier
5,000 hand-strung acrylic gummi bears

I think I need this too.
Ping Pong Door

and lastly. I am in love with this dress.
Provincetown Dress


  1. thank you for the happy mail - I love it! mine should arrive soon!

    oh and the gummi bear lamp, oh I am so in love with it!

  2. I love the modcloth dresses--modcloth is one of my favorite stores! if only the dresses I wanted would go on sale!

  3. I loveee that door! WHERE do I find one.

  4. I dont know if you can actually buy the door. It was designed by some guy for a contest. Everything ive seen online just says DIY. But try to google 'Ping Pong Door' and there is a ton of stuff on it. Its an amazing idea!


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