Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bonfire and the wizard......

and guess who forgot the s'mores?
Yes, everyone can blame me......but I think I was most upset
what could be better that a toasty mellow
smuched between cinnamon grahams and a hunk of chocolate, or 2...

So before you judge me......we did have the bonfire in our driveway
but let me explain...............
the grass in the backyard was damp and whatnot
and to be honest, the backyard is just not my style.
I feel free in the front...........
that is all :)

So it is here that the story begins..................................

One chilly evening, a long time ago (last saturday)a few friends came together for a bonfire. It was to be a night of friends, s'mores, fire, and bon. (bon?.... yes bon)
[minus the s'mores]

As we were all getting ready to sit aside the fire, a bum came near and started dancing around our fire. He called himself Moth Man.

While some of our friends debated on stopping the moth man, the rest of us watched in amusement.

He danced and chanted to himself until some of our friends decided to join him.
Together they sang and danced with the fire.
After their dancing grew scarce, I noticed that the Moth man had
a wand in his hand [a pretzel rod]

The next thing I new he was in the air hovering over the fire with the wand [pretzel rod] in his hand
and next thing you know, all of my friends could fly.......

Then the moth man left and we went on with our fire........

(thats it?) Yea thats all
(wow, this girl is a terrible story maker-upper)
I completely agree

we kids in Thornton are pretty classy, we burn leftover dressers that have remained on the side of our house for a few months.

My beautiful sister.....
And our fire safety for the night.... :)
OOOooo poor moth man...
Who doesn't love bonfires? or am I just a pyro.....

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  1. Hey I came over from Happy Mail and I am so glad I did that was the funniest story ever!!! I am now a follower of your cute blog!



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