Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Honeymoon ♥2

I can't believe we have been married for a whole year already
My how time flies

Sunday will officially be our 1 year anniversary
I love this man more than life.

So we decided on a spontaneous road trip
Husband says we should leave at 3 am
on Thursday morning
Because it sounded like a good number

We have nothing booked and no planned Itinerary
we have four days, a full tank of gas, and a few hundred bucks
and we are heading East

Happy Honeymoon 2 babycakes ♥
A little memory of last years

and  I know I've posted this video before
but I think it deserves another round being this special occasion and all

Im so ready for this....
No work for a few days
Just me and my sweetie ♥

- Steph


  1. I envy your spontaneous trip! What fun!
    (ps we went on our honeymoon to disneyworld too! Except we got married in April of 09, so looks like we only missed each other by a few months)

  2. Yay! congrats on your anniversary then too! Wasn't Disney a blast as a married couple? :)

  3. Your videos are just the cutest ever! You two are adorable, too! Have so much fun!!!



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