Thursday, July 22, 2010

This is your life......

“This is your life, are you who you want to be
This is your life, is it everything you dreamed that it would be”

I have been blessed with an amazing life, an amazing husband, family, and friends..
When I talk about the above lyrics im talking more so about my career life? or lack there of ;)

I want to do something with my life that I am proud of.
I want to do something that I enjoy.

Recently we have had a few lay-offs at our office.
It has me so stressed and worried.
Every day I go in and Im in a bad mood.

I know that I am meant for something else.
I believe God gave me a creative heart for a reason.
And I feel like I am wasting it.
However, I know that I am so fortunate to even have a job right now
And I think that is what is holding me back from taking a step anywhere outside of my little box.
My husband is always encouraging me to take a leap and go for something
But it always comes down to me thinking about money and a mortgage!
Oh that lovely mortgage! :)

I have a few Dreams of my own.....

I would love to eventually go somewhere with my photography
Right now school is too much with working full time, only because all of the art classes are 3 hours long x2 a week. So 2 classes would take up an entire week in which case I would work from 8-5 and have class from 6-9, or 7-10 everyday.

mmm, not a fan
Im thinking of taking weekend classes in the city.
But they can get pricey too.

I want to do something that will enable me to be home with my kids when the time comes.
My mom was able to stay home with us and I love the though of that.
I know it is not always plausable but im crossing my fingers for the future :)

Anyway, Sorry for a semi-downer post.
Just something I've been thinking about lately.

Hope all of you have such a wonderful day!!!!

Im stoked for this weekend. A Wedding and Pierogi Fest!!


  1. It is so so hard to find the right balance of doing what you "have to" and doing what you love!! I am in a similar situation.. I am working enough that I don't get to put a lot of quality time into my artwork but every waking moment I am not working I am thinking of ways to make a living doing what I love!

    I too dream of staying home with my children... and if things go according to plan, (which they won't because it is all in God's hands!) then I have about 5 years to figure it out! lol.

    But I am just so thankful to have a job right now...

    I pray you find ways to use the creativity God gave you! : D

  2. Amy this makes me feel so much better! it Put a smile on my face :)I know I just need to keep my faith that God will lead me in the right direction. I'll pray for you as well. Thanks so much for the happy words!

  3. Hey.
    First off-ive seen switchfoot in concert 19 times! (I was obsessed, my cat is name Tim after the beautiful tim foreman)
    Second off-i love your trust in God, it makes my heart happy! <3


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