Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We were Promised Jetpacks ♥

A Sunday night in the city
Pouring down rain
With an amazing group of musicians
Overpowering us all

[My brother and his gf ♥]

Probably one of the most amazing shows I've ever been too.
Singing and dancing in the rain
My favorite thing about them is that you can actually hear their accent in most of their songs.
They are from Scotland and were only in the states for a few weeks
so I feel so lucky to have seen them :)

Here's a video of one of my favorites.
Click here to listen to the rest of their music 

What was your all time favorite show?


  1. I love them! I was supposed to be at that show, but I couldn't get out of work :(

    If you like audible accents, you should check out frightened rabbit, they're Scottish too! My fave song is 'Swim Until You Can't See Land'.



  2. Can't pick just one! But the best live show I've seen has to be the World/Inferno Friendship Society. At any given time, the band contains about 9-13 members, they always dress up for shows, and the lead singer is always clutching (and drinking) a bottle of wine.



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