Friday, July 23, 2010

Make your friends think your fancy

With this easy peasy yet elegant looking 
little tomato thingy!
(however, i don't recommend calling it that if your going for class)
call it, 'basile a la feta' ?
and say it with a french accent
works every time.

But seriously
quick easy and amazing
as long as you like tomatoes that is :)


Tomatoes (as many as you'd like)
Fresh basil
Fresh oregano
Feta cheese (i use domestic)
EVOO (Rachael style)
Salt and peppa salt and peppa here.

If you don't have fresh veggies and spices. Sneak into your parents garden. If your parents don't have a garden, Sneak into your neighbors garden. If your neighbors don't have a garden, go to the grocery store.

1] slice tomatoes into round circles
2] Chop Feta cheese (as much as you would like)
3] Chop Basil and Oregano

4] Place tomatoes flat onto serving plate
5] Add feta cheese

6] Drizzle a small amount of EVOO over tomatoes   
7] Add oregano and basil to each tomato
8] Add salt and peppa to taste
9] serve and enjoy

Danggggg girl you fancy......


  1. oh thank you for sharing I am about to have a boat load of tomatoes!


  2. That dish looks so beautiful! It's so simple to combine tomato slices, mozzarella cheese and basil, but it always looks so classy!

    this looks incredible, and ridiculous. incredibly ridiculously DELICIOUS!!!
    i need it in my life now!

  4. That looks soo yummy! Something I might be able to make without screwing up. :) Anything that doesn't have to be "cooked" gets an extra gold star in my book. Ha


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