Monday, July 19, 2010


We had an awesome weekend for our 2nd honeymoon ♥
It was pretty adventurous
which is just how we wanted it. :)

A day trip through the white water rapid of the 
Lower New American River
in West Virginia

And guess what we did?
Cliff jumped 30 ft into the water

and guess what!
It was the most amazing feeling ever
Im so glad we both did it
although I almost peed my pants
(for real)

We spent some time in the little city
near the river....

Climbed some rocks in flip flops 
because thats a smart thing too do

And took pics of my hubby after he got pulled over.
For some reason the cop had him sit in the front seat while he wrote him a ticket

All in all a wonderful weekend.
(minus the ticket)
Counting down the days until our next roadtrip :)

1 comment:

    how fun.. i'm pretty sure you guys go on the best road trips. i'm so jealous!


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