Saturday, July 3, 2010

My husband walked into the house after work
the other day, holding this sign
He is so dang cute.

As for the 4th of July
I am overly excited to be off work for 3 days
too much bad stuff going on there
and too much stressing over it
So this weekend I just want to relax.

Husband is working on the ambulance tonight
so my sisters are coming over for a movie night
We are going to try Thai food for the first time!
Any suggestions?

Sunday I am going to my brothers firework show
Husband gets too shoot with his crew this year
and he is soo excited!
I guess any boy would love to blow up $20,000 worth of fireworks :)

I found this here and I think Im going to make them for tomorrow
Are they not cute!
And so completely easy
Red, White and Blue Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Ill let you know if mine turn out that pretty

Well im off to the gym
Have a wonderful and safe weekend!!



  1. Those strawberries are adorable!


  2. oh deary, those strawberries are so freaken cute!

    xx scarzz

  3. Hahah we made the same strawberries! Mine didn't turn out that pretty, but they tasted good!

  4. AHH those strawberries look DELISH!!!!
    so cute!

    and that picture is too funny!!


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