Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pretty Fireworks : behind the scenes :)

Pretty fireworks fill the air
Every year around this time.
But the biggest and the baddest
where do they come from......

My brother works for a company called Melrose Pyrotechnics
he shoots off those lovely firework shows that your towns have every year for you :)
He has his own crew and my Hubby joined him this year

I wanted to kinda let you know how these things work and the prep work 
and physical labor that goes into it.
Because all these people deserve a big thanks 
they get paid little money for the kind of work they do
Just to make us all happy 
being able to see those beautiful explosions in the sky

Early in the wee hours of the morning the boys set out to start their setup
around 7 am while we are still sleeping in

The start by setting up dozens of racks that hold the tubes that contain the fireworks.
Then they mount the racks together and make sure they are all secure.
Then they drop in the shells (fireworks)
Those are all wired to Slats (a central location)
and then that is wired to their main board

In summary.
There are a lot of tubes with fireworks and 
tons of wires all over the place

This process and prep work takes pretty much the entire day.
The boys usually work from 7 am until 9 pm at night
right before the show starts
This past weekend it was almost 90 degrees

Then finally the show begins!
There are 3 people on my brothers crew

1) this person shoots the fireworks using the switchboard
2) this person counts and helps #1 with when to shoot
3) this person is the spotter and looks to make sure there are no misfires and that everything goes off.

This year they shot for the town of New Lenox
and they did an amazing show
Probably the best show Ive seen, no doubt
There was an estimated 8,000 people there this year!

The nice thing about it is that me and my sisters get VIP parking :)
and front row seats!

What a fun show and thanks to the boys for all their hard work!
They worked from 7am-11:30
having to clean up everything themselves in the dark!

(left to right: Robbie, my brother Ryan, Hubby)

Well Happy 4th of July friends!
I must being going, my husband keeps screaming FroYo
over and over thinking that will make me
drive 30 minutes for him to get some FroYo...
no today, im too tired :)


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  1. omgosh so beautiful you camera is amazing!!!


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